03.24.13New Band "THEM" to release new CD June 18 2013.

Bob Franceschini and Mark Sherman have launched their dream band "THEM" featuring Mitch Forman, Martin Gjakonovski, and Adam Nussbaum.
Europe tours June-July 2013 and November 2013

03.24.13Vibraphone major added to Juilliard curriculum.

I am thrilled to report that The Juilliard jazz department has now added a jazz vibraphone major that I will be teaching in addition to my other duties at school.

09.03.11Returned from 5 weeks in Europe

From July 16-August 23 I spent 5 weeks in Europe operating out of our home in Colledimezzo Italy. I traveled to Rome for the Fara Sabina Jazz Festival and played at the Estate Musicale in Lanciano as a guest artist with the Antonio Ciacca Trio. Performed a little with Gabrielle Girabassi the incredible Italian clarinetist. That was the first few concerts I did. I also worked the Orsara Jazz Camp and Festival located in Puglia near Foggia Italy. What a great 6 days I had in this festival. The faculty was a blast to work with. Jerry Bergonzi, Jim Rotundi, Antonio Ciacca, Lucio Ferrara, John Webber, and Joe Farnsworth, are all incredible musicians. All leaders in their own right. All day we taught private lessons, and did combos, and at night we played concerts, and hung at jam sessions. And of course we never stopped eating and drinking wine. The food was amazing all throughout Italy as usual. The culmination of the festival was a concert with the entire faculty playing a work of Antonio Ciacca's appropriately titled, "The Orsara Suite". The suite had 7 movements in which each one of us played a solo cadenza in front of the larger body of each movement. Antonio took many well known tunes like "Embracable You", "Like Sonny", and "Woody n You", and re arranges them, and changes the melody of the originals song, but used the form of the tunes, and for the most part the changes. It is a technique Charlie Parker used with many of his bebop heads. His tune "Marmaduke" is based on "Honeysuckle Rose", and "Quasimodo" on "Embracable You", and "Cherokee" is "Ko Ko" etc.
After that festival I had a week off. I practiced a lot in the basement of the house in Colledimezzo, and then departed for Napoli for one day where I had some meetings about future concerts. The next day off to Schwaan Germany(2 hours from Hamburg) where I met jazz promoter Sylva Tkotsch, and rested for the night. The next day I played a nice concert in The Schwaan Jazz Festival with Andreas Pasternak. All in all it was a great summer between the music, and going to the Adriatic beach near our house, and practicing some new language I have been working on, and of course EATING!

01.11.11Mark Sherman Quartets Sixth European Tour

My quartet of 7 years is preparing for our 6th European tour from Feb22-March 6. The band features Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner. The economy has made it really tough to pull this tour off. We will record live at Chorus Jazz Club in Lausanne CH on February 26+27. Otherwise we will tour Germany and italy. I hpe to make it through this one alright.

09.06.10Mark Sherman added to the Juilliard Jazz Faculty Roster

I am thrilled that I was added to the Juilliard School Jazz Faculty Roster. I received a call from Professor Carl Allen while on tour this past summer in Asia. I am to teach the drummers how to negotiate the harmony, technical, and language skills need to play the vibes. In essence a doubling class. Great to be back in the building after spending 5 years studying there!

02.22.10DVD of Mark Sherman Quintet "Live At Sweet Rhythm NYC now available

This new live DVD of The Mark Sherman Quintet has finally arrived. Recorded July 23 2009 featuring Joe Magnarelli, Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner. it is complete with 10 full length cuts and interviews of each player discussing the music and the band members. Finally after 6 years, 5 European tours and countless concerts in the US and Canada there is great video documentation of this band. It is a very informative look at the music and the playing of these fantastic musicians. Get it now on the Listen and Buy CD's page of this site!

11.14.09Mark Sherman/Tim Horner 4tet selected for Rhythm Roads Tour 2010

I am proud to have been selected for the 2010 Rhythm Roads Tour sponsored by Lincoln Center Jazz and The United States State Department. I consider it a huge honor as "Rhythm Roads" is the new name for the "Jazz Ambassadors Tour" also sponsored by the state department for many years and featured such legends as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and all the legendary artists who took part in it over the years. We will go for 6 weeks in May and June throughout Eastern Asia representing the US globally with concerts and workshops daily.

09.21.09What a great week

Just wanted to keep everyone updated about last week:

Thursday after teaching 5 students at NJCU I went to a soundcheck and concert with Aretha Franklin. I have been working with Aretha on and off for many years now. She is definitely the Queen of Soul, and after hearing her sing some of the beautiful ballads in her show, I was absolutely knocked out by her natural approach to the music.

Aretha's got the blues, the gospel, and the jazz of it all scrambled together. The church in her shines through. JUST AMAZING! She sounded great Thursday and Friday night at Radio City Music Hall. Totally packed house. Just amazing to watch an artist pack a hall like that.

A funny thing happened after the Thursday night show. Tim Reis ( sax player with The Rolling Stones and formidable headliner himself) text messaged me from the audience of the Thursday night show. I was surprised yet amused as I asked Timmy "why are you here?" He replied, " It's Aretha!!

He's right. Aretha is worth the price of admission. I have many times said I think Jennifer Holiday is the greatest singer I have ever worked with. Jennifer has everything in her singing. All the attributes, but I now see that she got some of it from Aretha. Both can just melt you when singing a ballad.

Saturday night was the opposite end of the spectrum for me. I performed two strong shows at Trumpets Jazz Club in Mont Clair NJ with my working Quartet of Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, Tim Horner and special guest Marc Momaas the Dutch sax player. The music was loose and swung hard. I felt great after we finished.

It re confirms to me that playing like that is what I live for.

Thanks for listening!!