Skills For The Poetic Language Of JazzBy Mark Sherman edited by Brian Ross

My new book "The Poetic Language of Jazz Improvisation" is a book about this most fascinating art form, with advice both on how to continue your journey down that road towards a mastery of it, and how to make the right choices in your schooling and your career to advance your opportunities to perform and grow as a musician.
After more than 30 years pondering a system for teaching the poetic language of jazz, I have finally compiled many of the elements and drills into a systematic approach to learning these skills that will enlarge your palette of this musical language, and expand your improvisation.

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By Mark Sherman edited by Brian Ross

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Mark Sherman Private Lesson

Project THEM (US Purchase)Sleight Of Hand

Project THEM featuring Bob Franceschini, Mark Sherman, Mitchel Forman, Martin Gjakonovski, Adam Nussbaum, and Paolo Disabatino

Sleight Of Hand

"Project THEM" Global Shipping selection"Project THEM" Global Shipping selection

For purchases outside the United States

"Project THEM" Global Shipping selection

Mark Sherman 4tet "Live At Chorus Jazz Club"Primative Reality

Mark Sherman 4tet Live in Lausanne CH with Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner

Primative Reality

The LA Sessions"Quasimodo"

Mark's latest CD release due out February 21 2012. All bebop, and standards with organ trio featuring Bill Cunliffe, John Chiodini, and Charles Ruggiero.


The Music Of Mark ShermanOriginal book of compositions from 6 CD's

Includes nearly 40 compositions, biographical information, discography, quotes, and teaching philosophy.

Original book of compositions from 6 CD's

The Music Of Mark Sherman Original book of compositions from 6 CD's(International Shipping)Solitude

Over 40 compositions from 6 different CD's


The Mark Sherman/Tim Horner Quartet Good Rhythm Good VibesSmile Said The Drum

The latest recording from the band featuring Jim Ridl, and Tom Dicarlo. Will be touring Russia and Asia for Jazz At Lincoln Center and The US State Department

Smile Said The Drum

The Mark Sherman Quintet DVD Live At Sweet Rhythm NYCLittle Lullaby

The newest DVD release from the Mark Sherman Quintet featuring Joe Magnarelli, Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson and Tim Horner.
Brand new DVD complete with 10 full length tunes, and interviews with all musicians. A very informative look at this quintet and the music of Mark Sherman

Little Lullaby

Mark Sherman Quartet Live At The Bird's EyeThe Winning Life

Mark Sherman Quartet featuring Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner. Recorded live in Basel Switzerland at The Bird's Eye Jazz Club February 22nd+23rd 2008

The Winning Life

"Family First"Explorations

My Latest CD with a globally released on 3/20/07 featuring Joe Magnarelli, Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner. For one week in 2007 this CD was the most played CD on US Jazz Radio, and on the charts for about 10-12 weeks!


"One Step Closer"Moon River

featuring Joe Lovano, Joe Magnarelli, Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner. This CD broke the top ten on Jazz Radio at #9 and stayed on the charts for 12 weeks.

Moon River

"The Motive Series""Judaican" dedicated to Kenny Kirkland

Featuring the late Michael Brecker, Allen Farnham, Phil Palombi, and Tim Horner. Originally dedicated to my late friend and colleague Kenny Kirkland. Unfortunately today in 2008 both Kenny and Michael Brecker have passed away tragically giving this recording even a deeper meaning than when it was recorded!

"Judaican" dedicated to Kenny Kirkland

"Spiral Staircase""Spiral Staircase"

Title cut from the 1997 release featuring, Rodney Jones, Eric Harland, Lonnie Plaxico, Ronnie Burrage, TIm Hegarty, Jeremy Manasia, Tim LeFebvre, and Lional Cordew

"Spiral Staircase"

"High Rolling""High Rollin"

1998 release featuring, Dave Mann, Tim Hegarty, and Al Orlo

"High Rollin"

"A New Balance" CBS 1986Songo

Owned by CBS records. This CD is not for sale
Executive Producer George Butler, Produced by Bruce Purse and Mark Sherman
Featuring: Bob Franceschini, Francisco Centano, Robbie Ameen, Paul Sokolow, Peter Grant, Richard Crooks, Vincent Henry


"Fulcrum Point""Fulcrum Point"

The title cut from my very first CD featuring, Mark Gould, Delmar Brown, Rael Wesley Grant, and Kenwood Denard

"Fulcrum Point"